Wood Burning Hot Tub and Its Excellent Quality

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In case you are considering a hot tub for you house, you can check the collection of hot tubs in RG Hot Tubs. Wood burning hot tub is available and there are options that you can find. You can get the wooden hot tub for the traditional looks where it has benches inside the tub. Then, when you want to have more modern hot tub, you can choose the fiberglass hot tub. This gives you option in term of its log burner since you can pick the external or internal burner. It does not mean that you will need to pay extra for the external burner, but it is more about the positioning or installation of the log burner. As for qualities, those hot tubs will give you satisfying quality that even makes the hot tub last for some years without any problems.

Good Construction Quality in the Wood Burning Hot Tub

The hot tub from RG Hot Tubs is not for personal hot tub. Its volume is enough for four up to six people. It is quite huge so it can become good choice when you want to have reference of quality time with your family. You do not need to go to any places, but you can sink your body with your family inside the warm water and enjoy the moment. Since it has huge volume, its construction may become the concern. In fact, you do not need to worry about it. It uses the raw spruce wood as its cladding. It is type of strong and durable wood. It is strong against the weather, water, and temperature. Then, it is strong enough to handle the weight of the hot tub. Moreover, the manufacturer maintains its natural color and appearance of the wood, so it blends well with nature when you place the hot tub on your garden.

Comfortable and Durable Fiberglass Shell

Things that should get your attention are not only about its external construction. What is more important is about the tub itself. In this case, the tub uses fiberglass shell. It is very sturdy. Even so, it does not make the whole hot tub heavy, so its total weight is only around 250 kilograms. Four people will be enough to lift and move the hot tub. In this case, the hot tub is very durable. It is manufactured well so it will be strong to maintain its shape and quality with the whole water volume and body weights inside the water. Then, there will not be any leakage issues since all parts are checked properly before the hot tub is delivered to your house. Although it is strong and durable, it has smooth surface so you can sink comfortably without any risks of scratches on your skins.

Choices of Colors for the Tub Interior

In addition to its sturdy fiberglass shell, you are able to choose color of the tub. The standard color will be grey. However, if you do not like it, you can choose other color, such as blue, white, or cream color. You can make special order in term of color in the purchasing process, and it will be delivered to your house based on your choice. This may seem simple, but it will always feel better when you can get the favorite color.