Why you should consider moving to Leicester?

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Moving to a new location in the UK involves various challenges because you need to balance everything including work and family life. Leicester is a multicultural city that provides the best job opportunities for you. Apart from that, there are several reasons you should consider moving to the city which ultimately help to plan your future. It is the second largest economy in the UK that covers a wide range of industries enabling you to focus on your career.


Here are some factors why you consider moving to Leicester.

1. Public transport 

Leicester has a good public transport system because it covers a wide range of bus network services. In fact, it allows you to master the bus and train routes that can save time. A single bus ticket costs around £2.50 whereas a flexi day ticket will only £5. You can also buy a weekly flexi cost that costs around £19.

2. Affordable living costs

The living costs in Leicester are affordable when compared to London and other cities in the UK. There are different types of housing properties available in the city center and you can choose them at affordable prices. Moreover, the average rental costs are low enabling you to move to the city with ease.

3. Education

Leicester has renowned schools and other educational institutions that offer quality education for your children.

4. Sporting clubs

The city boasts of leading clubs for cricket, football, and other sports that can help you to improve the skills of your children.

5. Green spaces

Leicester has more than 130 parks and green spaces allowing you to relax your mind with family members and others.


6. Affordable shipping and moving costs

Many moving companies in the UK allow you to shift your home at the best prices that can reduce the expenses to a large extent. Furthermore, you can plan your moving with high protection to avoid damages and other problems. In addition, you can get quotes from the companies for planning your shifting accordingly.

7. Quality of life

The quality of life in Leicester is better than other cities because it covers a wide range of healthcare centers which offers the best services.

8. Friendly living community 

People in Leicester are very friendly and they welcome migrants from various parts of the world.

9. Ideal environment for your work

The city provides an ideal environment for your work with useful links. Several removal companies in Leicester enable you to pack your goods with trained staff to avoid unwanted problems in the moving process.