When Do I Need to Replace My Gas Furnace and HVAC System at home?

HVAC System

During the winter season, you have to keep your place warm, so that you will feel comfortable moving around and accomplish your usual daily routines. However, some homeowners are experiencing malfunctions when it comes to their heating or cooling systems. When this often happens, then the first thing that you need to do is to call an expert to get your furnace or AC replaced or repaired. You are using these every day and because of your busy schedule, you may even forget to check it for maintenance purposes.

But now that the rain or snow is falling and getting heavier, you will start noticing that the furnace is not working properly because the heat is not enough to make the rooms warm. I guess, the first thing that you will do is to get help, right? Since the weather is too cold, it would be difficult for you to manage the situation, knowing that the gas furnace is not functioning properly. I supposed, you know that this is something that you should not ignore. Therefore, immediate repair or replacement is needed.

You should also keep in mind that replacement is not always the solution to this kind of problem. Sometimes, it is just dirty and needs cleaning. There are also times, where the connection is broken. Therefore, do not jump into a conclusion, where you want it replaced. By the way, as a homeowner, you should know when you need to change it. This is very important, we have here a few tips for you to take note.


The average shelf life of a gas furnace is usually 18 years. Now, do you know how long you have been using yours at home? If this had been installed for more than 15 years now, then you really need a replacement. If you are going to just repair it, then the problem will just keep on coming back because it is already too old. Visit https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-average-life-expectancy-of-an-HVAC-system to learn more from the experiences of other people.

Sometimes, no matter how much you wanted to save will not work by simply repairing the problem. If it is necessary to change the whole system or a part of it, then do it, especially when the experts told you so. Just make sure that you are going to choose an upgraded unit that is energy efficient.

Increased Bill

Because of this issue, you will also notice that your bill greatly increased. This is a major problem, especially for the homeowners, who are trying to tighten the belt because of their financial obligations. That’s why, if this is observed, then you may call an expert to inspect your heating system.

Your thoughts that there might be something wrong with your gas furnace is true, if this increase in the gas as well as electric bill was constantly observed for the past few years. Of course, you should not ignore this situation. Therefore, I suggest you find an HVAC expert in the area. It would be best to just purchase a heating system, instead of paying costly bills.

Frequent repairs or malfunctions

How often do you experience malfunctions of the current gas furnace at home? If this frequently happens in the past couple of years, then this is a sign that you should get a new one installed.

Some of you may be thinking that repairing the damage will be fine to minimize your expenses because you need to pay the experts. But this kind of thinking is wrong because it will affect your bills and more damages may be developed as well.


It is also very important to observe how the furnace functions. Is it creating a strange noise every time you are using it? Most of the time, this kind of noise is a disturbance, too, especially during the night, where everybody is quietly sleeping. I supposed, this noise is not loud enough to cause a disturbance.

Anyway, if this is observed, then this also means that there is something wrong with the machine. You should also know that when this unit is already old, such noise is usually produced.

Constant Thermostat adjustment

When you are using the heaters, blower or cooler, do you still need to make adjustments on the thermostat just to reach the desired temperature?

If this often happens, then this is also a sign that this machine needs an upgrade. It only shows that it is already not capable of performing its function well. Find out ways of testing the thermostat to know, if expertise is needed.

Yellow flame of burner

When you are using the burner, do you notice the yellow flame? This means that carbon monoxide is produced. The combustion is incomplete, which may be risky because this leads to gas leaks.

You should know that this is supposed to be blue in color. With this, you are sure that the burnt fuel is clean.