Mistakes to Avoid Making During Your House Move this Summer

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Summer can be an excellent time of the year to arrange the perfect house move. When moving into a rental home this summer, you should take advice from letting agents in Basildon and your local area. Whether you are renting or becoming a home-owner for the very first time, there are a few mistakes to avoid making when moving home during warm weather.

Forgetting to take sun-care precautions

It can be tempting to skip the sunscreen when you have such a long list of things to be getting on with. However, heatstroke and sunburn are no joke and will certainly hinder the rest of your house move if not taken seriously. Whilst it may not feel too hot when you first start your house move process, temperatures can rapidly change. You should aim to apply sunscreen at least a few times during the day if the temperature becomes extreme.

Taking breaks during hot weather is vital. During the hottest part of the day (12-3pm) you should consider taking short breaks in the shade. Staying cool will not only reduce your risk of heatstroke, it will also make the whole process more enjoyable and relaxing. If younger children are assisting with the house move, it is important to ensure that everyone stays hydrated and well protected. Children can become dehydrated quicker than adults so keeping an eye on them is advised at all times.

Doing too much at once

We are all guilty of trying to cram too much into each day during house moves. Getting things done quickly doesn’t have to mean neglecting yourself and others though. Try breaking your day down into a series of tasks, leaving space between each one. This will make time for important rest breaks.

Attempting to move everything yourself without a removals company

If you have a lot of belongings to transport to your new property, then hiring a removals company is highly advisable. Not only will they be able to move much more than the average car or van can hold, but they will also have a team of staff to do the heavy lifting and take the stress away from you. A removal company can pack and load your belongings and are highly experienced when it comes to working under pressure.

Failing to check other people’s availability

When planning your house move, don’t forget to take into account that some people may be busier during the summer months and school holidays. Typically, many families take their personal vacations during the six weeks school break or on a nearby date. This may mean that friends and family are not available to assist with the move itself or to help provide childcare.

Similarly, you should check pre-booked holiday time with your estate agents, lawyers and financial advisors. This should prevent last minute unavailability and hold-ups during the moving process that could have been avoided.

As always, stay safe in the summer heat and have fun getting settled into your new home and making precious memories along the way!