Is It Better to Call the Roofing Company or Handle Things Alone?

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DIY videos are all around the internet. You can literally do everything you want with the help of professionals. However, it’s not always the best solution to do something like this. Getting on top of your house and walk around like you know what you’re doing is not a strong side of most people.

This is why our clear answer to the question from the title is – call a professional company who will handle things properly. Why we think like this, read on to see why!

Getting up there is dangerous

A two-story house is usually 13 feet tall. This is the average. In other terms, getting there and falling down will result in death in many cases. If you manage to survive the fall, be sure that you’ll end up in the ER where doctors will treat you with much more than a mild concussion. See what it means to fall from this height here.

That means, it’s best to call the pros who own special ladders for climbing different types of roofs and they are experienced in walking over the surface. Very often the surface is wet and slippery and if you don’t know how to do it properly, you’ll surely fall down and suffer a serious injury or die.

Even professionals fall down sometimes. However, the rate of injury in their cases is much smaller because they are trained for situations like this and know how to avoid a bigger problem.

Not too many people have the right tools

In accordance with what we just talked about above, there’s the equipment these guys own and a common person probably doesn’t have. Getting up and having a chance to fall off means securing better. There are lots of tools that help repairmen be safe if something like this happens.

On top of this, when a repair should be done, it’s not enough just to get your hammer there and nail down a few nails. Sometimes big machines are needed for a proper fix. This is something that people not just don’t have, but it’s impossible to get them on the roof and work with them. Having skilled people doing this is highly important. It will get the job done better and faster.

The experience and expertise are most important in this business

Both issues mentioned previously go along with the experience repairmen have. Those who are not skilled enough will have trouble walking on the roof, while those who spent years doing it will feel like they are walking on the ground. There’s no risk of falling for them.

Also, when an experienced person sees what the problem is, you can be sure that they’ve understood the situation perfectly. It happens very often that people fix one problem, but it turns out that they missed something out and everything needs to be done all over again.

Experience makes all the difference between amateurs and pros. If it was an easy job, everyone would’ve done it. Since it’s not, you need to be sure that this is not the job for you as an individual, but you need a team of experienced people who’ll handle things.


To conclude why it’s better to call the professionals instead of doing things alone we need to see how many people managed to fix by themselves and what is the success rate of a roofing company doing this. Amateurs fixing roofs properly happens in less than 50% while pros have 99% of success.

Since there’s such a big chance to fail, it means that in at least half of the cases people call companies after they managed to make a mess up there. Turns out you’ll still need to pay for a good service. The catch is, what you did might make issues more complex and the team will need to work even more to do a great job. That being said, you can be sure you’ll need to pay even more than the original plan.

When they finish, you’ll get a warranty for their work. If anything happens again in the future, you’ll call them, and they’ll handle it free of charge. This doesn’t happen often, but even if it does, you’re still safe.