How to Install Gutter Guards in 3 Easy Steps

While gutter cleaning is an important practice to maintain your gutter system functioning effectively it’s not everyone’s favorite chore. What if we said that cleaning gutters could be done in a way that saves you time and protects your home?

What Are Gutter Guards?

Your gutters can get clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris throughout the year. The buildup of debris can block water flow and cause gutters to become blocked. Water can get clogged up in gutters and cause water damage.

Gutter guards can be a powerful tool for protecting against future damage. They are also known as leaf guards. They cover your gutters and allow water through, trapping debris outside. This makes your gutter system work optimally.

Three Steps to Install Gutter Guards

After you have chosen the best protection for your home, it is0020time to install them. These easy steps will keep your gutters clean.

  1. Clean Gutters

First, clean out your gutters. Your guards will work better if you have a clean slate.

  1. Measure your Gutters

Measure your gutters accurately. This will enable you to ensure that you have enough material for your gutter guards to be installed correctly.

  1. Check the Instructions

Different gutter guard types will require different installation techniques. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

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