Getting the Best fireplace Mantel for your Home

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There are so many types of materials, designs, and companies. If you are a homeowner and need guidance, there is a great place to start. There are custom built mantels as well as finished fireplace floors. Pre-fab fireplaces fit all sizes. If you’re not concerned with how the overall size of your fireplace compares to the rest of your room or the wall the mantel sits on, a ready-made mantel should be fine. You can get precast fireplaces from cast stone, wood, and even metal.

The necessity of getting a good fireplace for a home

Another option is, of course, the old shelves.  You can buy them in antique shops. There are a couple of antique mantel dealers that sell a wide variety of mantels. Of course, dealers will charge you whatever price they think they can get for it. Be careful when buying from dealers. These days, fireplaces can easily be reproduced and handed down as authentic and antique when made somewhere in Europe or China. You will be able to judge by the workmanship and possibly wear. Antique mantel floors only come in the size they were made for.

custom designer fireplaces

So if you buy an antique fireplace, make sure it fits your space and covers the firebox properly. You may need to add a stone or other material along with the fireplace inside to properly hide the firebox if the fireplace is slightly larger than your firebox. A custom-made shelf is the best option if you want a shelf specifically for your room and décor. Consultants and designers can work with you to make the best decision when designing a custom fireplace. However, before someone can help you design the fireplace of your dreams, do your homework. See pictures of the fireplace online or in magazines.

Search online for custom designer fireplaces images or mantel images, many companies sell these fireplaces, and there are many images you can refer to. Once you have found a style or design, you must decide what material you want to make your mantel. It depends on the appearance of your home. Wood burning fireplaces are generally more suitable for country life and ancient traditional houses. Stone fireplaces can be used in almost any home. Natural stone fireplaces are usually more expensive but also prettier. If you need a stone mantel, contact the experts. Contact the stone carving manufacturer directly.

At the end

A stone carving shop will offer you the best quality price, and they generally have their design specialists to help you with different styles and materials. There are only a handful of dimensional stone manufacturers that make mantel flooring. They usually deal with commercial clients like architects and designers, but if you more or less know what you want, they will give you an excellent deal on a gorgeous stone mantel.